First Ever Longeviti Humanitarian Award

Longeviti recently declared its first ever Humanitarian Award with the recipient being Mr. Jason McGowan, a member of the Longeviti Support Staff and a USAF Retiree.

President/CEO Brandon Long wrote the following information to each of the Longeviti associates:

 “It is my privilege and joy to bring to your attention the noble and commendable actions taken by one of your fellow employees.  One of our customer sites is located in Phoenix, AZ, where we support the Federal Protective Service.  Mr. Jason McGowan is Longeviti’s on-site representative there and it’s his act of humanity that I wish to bring into the spotlight.

Late in the evening of May 20th of this year, while driving in Tempe, AZ, he and his wife observed a woman in the center of the highway overpass, sitting on the guardrail with her feet over the edge and looking towards the traffic and street, some 75’ to 100’ below.  Without hesitation, Mr. McGowan stopped his vehicle and went to her aid.  Upon reaching her, he could see that she was despondent and contemplating suicide.  Impulsively, without thinking of the risk to himself, he grabbed hold of the woman and coaxed her back to safety while instructing his wife to call for police assistance.  When the police arrived on the scene, Mr. McGowan led the lady towards the patrol car while providing words of comfort.

If not for Mr. McGowan’s actions, and those of his wife, it is very likely the lady would have ended her life and perhaps that of some innocent on the freeway below.  He comes to Longeviti after retiring from the U.S. Air Force.  He unselfishly put his own safety at risk to help another human, demonstrating that service to the people of this great nation doesn’t end when the uniform comes off.

I want to publicly commend Mr. McGowan for his virtuous actions and display of concern for another and invite each of you to do the same.  I am proud to have him as part of the Longeviti team.”

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